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Built-in call app

Supercharge candidate call time. An integrated call tool makes it easy to work through donor lists fast.


Powerful search & segment

Filter and group your contacts by activity, transactions, custom fields, even proximity.

Premium data sources

Enhance your existing contacts with social, consumer and voter data from third-parties like FullContact, L2, i360, and DataTrust.

Automate actions

Create filters to automatically segment contacts into targeted drip and retargeting campaigns.

Easy imports

Import existing contacts from Excel, Google Contacts, website forms, and hundreds of other sources.


Secure permissions

Create custom user roles with specific permissions for what users can see and do in your account.

With no per-user fees, get the whole team on board helps campaigns, c3s, c4s, PACs, and non-profits build stronger relationships with their supporters and mobilize them to take action. is built to meet your needs:


Easily track online and offline contributions, create call lists, see call results in real-time, and export lists for mailing and compliance.
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Digital Strategists

Automatically sync web form signups, match with third-party data files, segment into lists, then push to Facebook Custom Audiences and MailChimp drip campaigns.
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Political Operations

Volunteers are the life-blood of any campaign or non-profit. Keep your key volunteers coming back, then turn them into recruiters to grow your organization.

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Facebook Custom Audiences

The latest updates is built to help you build a network to win.

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