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Tired of wrestling with your data? is designed for you.
Our clean but capable app helps you merge all of your contacts
into one place, create filters to find important segments, and then take action. CRM Dashboard

Get focused

We’ve all been there: the cluttered apps with thousands of buttons and no idea where to start. is different. Our clean design empowers you to build better relationships without wrestling with an ugly, cumbersome tool along the way. The responsive app looks great on your tablet or smartphone too. CRM Imports

Zen-like imports

If moving data around was easy, you wouldn’t have the same contact in 100 spreadsheets, right? is easy. Import any Excel file (in CSV). Or connect your Google Contacts to pull in a single contact, a group, or all of them. Or connect Zapier to stream contacts from over 500 web services. Or Anedot, or Gravity Forms… Whatever the source, makes it easy. CRM Dashboard

Filter like you mean it

Who are your top donors in Denver? Your best leads in Little Rock? With’s powerful filters, you can slice and dice your data to find just the right people you need. Filter by tags, names, key dates and geography. Then save filters to easily re-run common searches, so you’ll always be able to find your supporters in Sheboygan. CRM Imports

Take action

What good is all this data if you can’t do anything with it? Easily export targeted lists or use our built-in integrations to plug contacts into your favorite email marketing, social media, phone, mail or digital advertising services. CRM Dashboard

Integrate everything

Yesterday you loved your email marketing tool. Today it’s toast. No problem. With, you can integrate countless sources of data with just as many communications tools. Enhance your existing contacts with premium data sources to integrate social media, consumer and voter data. Then sync that data with email marketing tools like MailChimp, online donation tools like Anedot, and event registration tools like Eventbrite.

And much, much more

Put to work for your organization and experience the difference it can make.