Not all contacts are created equal. Especially for major donors or top customers, you may want to restrict access to the personal contact information for sensitive contacts.

So has a new feature to protect the privacy of your most important contacts: Restricted Contacts.

Restricted Contacts allows admins to mark specific contacts as Restricted. Once a contact is Restricted, users can no longer view or edit their emails, phone numbers, or addresses. Admins can still view and manage Restricted contacts as any normal contact.

This means that users will not see Restricted Contacts’ emails, phone numbers or addresses anywhere on the platform. Also, these details will be skipped when exporting lists (even for admins) and they will be stripped out of API requests.

Here’s the three simple steps to mark a contact as Restricted:

  1. Go to that contact’s record, then click Edit.
  2. Admins will see a set of options (really just one option at the moment) called “Admin Only Settings”.
  3. Check the box by “Restricted Contact” and then Update Contact.

Restricted Contacts will be marked with a small lock icon by their name visible to all users.