The massive marketing automation update

Our goal has always been to help you unite, leverage, and connect with your contacts to reach your goals. Here's a batch of new features that do just that.

by | Apr 29, 2017’s mission has always been to help you unite, leverage, and connect with your contacts to to make a bigger impact. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work to bring you new features that do just that.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features included in every account:

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Auto list syncing

You can now setup your lists to automatically add contacts to a list when they match specific critieria. To enable auto-syncing, create one or more Saved Filters. Then, where you would normally add contacts to a list, just select “auto-update list”. Select one or more Saved Filters and your list will start to make instant, automatic updates.

List integrations

Having a list of contacts is useful, but wouldn’t list become really powerful if you could connect it with third-party contact tools like MailChimp?

Well, now you can. Once you add an integration with Email Octopus or MailChimp, you can choose to sync specific lists in those services with lists in

Voter file integrations

For organizations in advocacy or political situations, now offers two voter file integrations to bring new data to your contacts, helping you better tailor messages to your audience.

Users of i360 and L2 Data can now pull data from those services to enhance their contacts. This opens the door to create targeted lists based on voter models, geography, or additional contact details.

To use any integrated data source, just go to Account Settings > Integrations and add the integration. To have contacts automatically checked against the voter file when they are added, just check the box to “Automatically fetch premium data when adding a new contact.”

New email integrations: MailChimp and BriteVerify

To give you more options to reach your target audiences, now offers an expanded suite of integrated email tools.

Our MailChimp integration allows you to sync lists, contacts, and activity between one of the world’s most popular email platforms and You can sync list-to-list, or choose to connect your entire account with a specific MailChimp list.

Then keep track of your subscribers by syncing activity, which lets you see when contacts last engaged with an email and keeps track of opt-outs.

Our BriteVerify integration helps you make sure that the email addresses you have are legitimate before you send to them and risk getting flagged as spam. This can be especially valuable when handling lots of inbound contacts from web forms or importing CSVs of contacts.

Improved reports

One of the reasons is still in beta is that we need to do a better job with reporting, and we recognize that. So we’re getting a better understanding of the reporting needs of our users. In the meantime, we’ve cleaned up the Reports section to offer a clean transactions-by-month report and a list of all transactions.

More options. Same price. is built to be accessible to startup and growing organizations, and our pricing reflects that. There’s more coming soon as we continue to build out features, integrations and infrastructure to support the needs of any organization who wants to build better relationships and make a difference.

If you’re one of our early adopters, thank you! If you’re not, jump on board today with a free 14-day trial.

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