Datrm.in — the leading CRM built for center-right campaigns and causes, has been recognized as a category leader by Eric Wilson, a veteran Republican digital operative who runs the popular website BestPracticeDigital.com.

Here’s what Eric had to say about Datrm.in in his recent review of the “The 5 Best CRMs for Political Campaigns”:

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is software that helps you share, organize, and update contact information across your entire team. Most CRMs are designed to help businesses manage their sales and marketing, but savvy campaigners are turning to CRMs as a solution for keeping in touch with supporters, donors, and volunteers.

Datrm.in is a CRM built by a veteran campaign technologist. It integrates with tools that campaigners use, like Gravity Forms, Mailchimp, and WinRed. More importantly, it’s priced to facilitate collaboration across every member of the team by avoiding per-user licensing fees. By focusing on the few key aspects of a CRM, Datrm.in helps campaigns scale their relationships and organize contacts.

Over the past few years, Datrm.in has emerged as a category leader for conservative campaigns and causes, and we could not be more excited to receive this added recognition. Every day, more organizations and campaigns turn to Datrm.in to help them build deeper, more authentic relationships with their contacts — resulting in more donations, more volunteers, more word of mouth marketing, and more momentum.

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