Anedot is a proven, broadly used platform for online donations that now integrates with

Anedot is the easiest way to collect donations and payments for political campaigns, non-profits and other causes. Users can quickly and automatically add online donors to your account, creating a more integrated view of your contacts that includes their online giving history.

If you don’t already have an Anedot account, signup for one here.

Once you have Anedot setup, it’s easy to connect it with Any admin can go to Account Settings, click on the Integrations tab, then click “add integration” in the Anedot box.

During the setup, you can choose to check for new donations hourly, daily, weekly, or manually. Donations will be merged with your existing contacts and contributions in

Once you’ve added Anedot to, leverage these insights to better target communications by creating saved filters and auto-updating Lists that can then sync to email tools like MailChimp.

It’s all part of’s mission to help you unify your data to take action.

If you haven’t already, signup for a free 14-day trial of and get started with an Anedot integration today!