About Datrm.in

Datrm.in, while new, is the result of two decades of experience and frustration with the tools available to build better relationships. You see, we never set out to build our own software. But when we looked for the tools we needed to better connect with our networks and inspire them to take action, we didn’t find much that could be described as “helpful”.

We saw non-profits, small businesses, advocacy organizations and political campaigns trying to move fast and make an impact without the tools to help them.

We saw traditional software gorge teams with per users licenses that constrain collaboration.

We saw technology that looked exciting at first, only to realize their priority was valuation, not users.

So we rolled up our sleeves, and built our own.

Hence, Datrm.in The name (pronounced “da-tur-min”) comes from the blending of data, CRM, and of course the determination to make a dent in the world.

Like you, we are determined to make a difference. Datrm.in is the result of many late nights, long weekends and pots of coffee. Our focus has always been, and always will be, to do three things that empower better relationships:

  1. Combine everyone in your network, no matter the source, and any other information we can find about them.
  2. Filter and group your contacts into meaningful, actionable lists.
  3. Connect with the tools you love to communicate with your contacts.

You can think of Datrm.in as a customer relationship management (or CRM) platform. Recently, a category of software has emerged called the “customer data platform” and that may be a better description. However you categorize us, the goal is simply to help you build better relationships, whether that’s with 100 volunteers, or 1,000,000 subscribers.


Datrm.in was built by Allen Fuller, an entrepreneur and advocate for blending technology and communications. With degrees in both communications and eCommerce, he has always had a foot in each bucket, and Datrm.in reflects that combined perspective of powerful technology and user-friendly experience. Learn more about Allen here.